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Tammie Vickery wrote at December 16, 2016:
I lived in Newark as a child. It was many years ago. The population was about 400 then. My Grandparents house is gone, but my church and school are both there.
Pastor Brian and Sherry Haney from Yorkville, Il. wrote at February 3, 2016:
We fell in love with Newark...we pastor The Message of the Cross Church 101 S. Ottawa Rd. Newark... We preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Him Crucified-The Message of the Cross...Sunday 10am, 7pm, Wednesday 7 pm... Come and Worship with us and Be Blessed....Pastor Brian and Sherry
Sean Newhouse from Clarkston, Wa. wrote at March 19, 2014:
I meant to add that gpa frostys parents were jesse & mabel hill (courtright). The parents had been farming the edgerton place near newark, then moved to newark where gpa went to school for two months then they moved near oka, montana in the spring of 1917
Sean Newhouse from Clarkston, Wa. wrote at March 19, 2014:
My gpa frosty (forrest) hill went to school here about 1915-1917 when he was in the 1st & 2nd grade. He had a 19 y.o. teacher but the class was large, she wasnt very well trained and gpa was almost deaf so he had trouble in school.
Chelsea Nielsen from Tucson, Arizona wrote at January 14, 2014:
I love Newark so much visit almost every summer and stay with my Aunt Gina Mathre :) such a cute town hoping to take my husband and newly born daughter there this summer and maybe soon move there :) great town!!♥
Elber Albaladejo from Brazil wrote at August 9, 2012:
Hi, I lived in Newark in 1998-1999, I graduated in NCHS in 99, I lived with the Fosen's family, Linda Fosen, Sarah Fosen Maddux , DuB Fosen, and John the father. I made real good friends, that I'm still in touch with them. I had the oportunity to come back in 2009, and went to NCHS, to see some teachers and to feel that amazing air again. I will be back always to keep that amazing family and friendly air alive. I love the town, and now I will be back to take my soon to meet the place that I will never forget.
Ray from chicago wrote at March 7, 2012:
looks like a nice small town to retire to!
Jake Scheister wrote at December 4, 2011:
Copeland from Newark Resident wrote at October 3, 2011:
Site looks great, we have loved being in Newark and hope to continue to enjoy!
Francisco Marin wrote at September 11, 2011:
My greetings from Costa Rica to Newark people, where I lived for a year as exchange student with Jack C. Mcdowell. I belong to NCHS 1971 class. A wonderfull experience.
Arthur Dalton from Mendota, Ill, wrote at September 5, 2011:
I went to Newark High School from 1938-1942. I went under the name of Arthur Swisher. Enlisted in the US Army after graduation. Married Lois Brown 1943. 1950 became a Police Officer for the City of Mendota Il, Became Chief of Police 1968. After 32 yrs of service retired. I am 88 yrs old. Living address is 1700 Burlington St. Apt 208, Mendota, Il. 61342. My beloved wife Lois passed away 1997.
Sally Jesse Raphael from Chicago wrote at April 22, 2011:
I used to have a talk show and this site is great.
Admin from USA wrote at April 22, 2011:
Hello, just testing the site.