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Frequently Asked Questions

For any questions or clarification, please call 815-695-5671.

Permits: Please call for information on your building project. The village hall has permit paper work available. Costs vary for additions and accessory buildings.

Decks have a flat fee of $40 plus $0.10 per square foot.

Fences have a flat fee of $50

Above ground pools have a flat fee of $50

Contractors: are not required to be licensed by the village. The village does encourage homeowners to have certified and insured contractors working on their property.

Pavilion Rental: The park on Townhouse Rd has 3 pavilions that are available for groups or families to rent for a day. Pavilions 1 & 2, close to the main parking area, are handicap accessible, as are the restrooms. Call the village hall to save your date. Rental is $10.

Brush Burning: Burning brush or leaves is allowed in the village limits. However village ordinance only allows burning on odd days of the month. It does not allow household waste or trash to be burned.  Link to ordinance.

Golf Carts: The village allows golf carts on the streets providing they meet safety requirements as required by Secretary of State and DMV. They must follow the rules of the road and the driver must have a valid drivers license. Please reference Ordinance 2012-9-2. The village has a paper copy at the village hall of this ordinance. Link to ordinance.


Ameren 800-755-7000


AT&T     800-288-2020

DC Trash


Waste Mgmt

Brush Pick up: Brush piles, whether through out the year or after a storm, will be picked up soon after they are set out. Keep length of pile no longer than 6ft, and in separate 6ft piles parallel to the road. This will make it easier for us to pick up and transport.

Water & Sewer Bills: Bills are sent out quarterly in January, April, July and October.  There is a base fee for connection and then usage charges per 1000 gallons.  To close out or set up a new account please contact the Treasurer at 815-695-5671 or  You can pay your bill by check at the drop box outside of Village Hall or by mail, you can also pay online at

Filling Pools: The village will loan a water meter to hook up to a garden hose to fill or refill your pool. By using our meter, we will deduct the sewer charges off the metered water to fill the pool. Please call the village hall to pick up a meter.