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In 1835 Newark was originally settled as Georgetown.

In February of 1843 the Name Changed to Newark.

In 1850 the U.S. Census showed the population to be 1342.

In 1853 a new school was built, another in 1868.

The Fowler Institute was charted and opened in 1857.

1865 was the year of Newark’s organization as a co-operation with the Village Board and Officers. The First meeting was in March of 1865.

In 1875 the hometown was organized into a village.

In 1914 the Illinois Midland Railroad began its operations.

In 1930 the new high school was built on Chicago Road.

In 1976 the Senior center was opened and July 1st marked the begining of the Ambulance service.

In 1985 Newark celebrated its Sequicentennial.

In 2010 Newark celebrated its 175th birthday.