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Village Reminders

  • No dogs are allowed in any Village Park and they must be leashed when walking them.
  • Please remember to clean up after your dog.
  • No 3 wheelers ,4 wheelers and dirt bikes are allowed in the parks or on the Village streets.
  • The Village does not pick up any grass clippings or leave You should have received a copy of the new Burning Ordinance in your April Water Bill. If you did not or would like a copy please contact Village Hall. Here are a few restrictions toremember:

1. It shall be unlawful to burn any garbage, or organic refuse at any time in the Village.
2. It shall be unlawful to burn papers, excelsior, or other material which may be blown about the wind anywhere in the city unless the same is burned in a stove, fireplace, fire pit, burning barrel, furnace or incinerator sufficiently fine to prevent the escape of ignited particles.
3. Leaves or brush which are dry may be burned when placed into piles of a reasonable size, but it shall be
unlawful to burn such materials at any time except odd numbered days and with some person in attendance to control the fire. No leaves or brush shall be burned upon an asphalt or bituminous surface in any
street or alley.
4. Nothing herein contained shall be deemed to prohibit or restrict the Village of Newark, as a part of its
corporate functions, to burn brush during any time of the year which is collected by the Village of Newark.
Furthermore, nothing herein contained shall be deemed to prohibit the Newark Fire Protection District, in
cooperation with the Village of Newark, to burn houses and other structures in the Village for training and
educational purposes in accordance with the rules and regulations promulgated, from time to time, by the
state fire marshal of the State of Illinois and the Environmental Protection Agency.
5. Any person who violates any provision of this ordinance shall be fined not less than $50 nor more than
$500 per each offense.
6. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and approval as provided by